Sarin Technology - Leader in Diamond Machines

You may have heard of the Big Names like De Beers as the TOP diamond jewelry seller.. the south african companies digging the diamonds and selling them to the diamond jewelry retailers... But have you heard of the company producing the MACHINES to faciliate the Diamond production?

For a more detailed explanation to what Sarin Technology is, you can visit here.

I have read about Sarin before somewhere in the investment publications and did not really get into the idea of investing in it as it is an Israeli company listed in SGX. Big mistake i have done... I remembered that i once saw it last year at the price of $0.75 and went through the fundamentals. "Not Bad"... Sales and Net profit is growing healthily.

However, the volume supporting the stock was not strong and soon enough, i forgot about it.

Lets chuck it aside and talk more about it. First up, lets look at the chart and see how the stock price has soared!

Sexy.... isn't it?

It has also caught the attention of stock broker companies:

Recognition for this stock/company is growing strong and i expect it to continue for various reasons
  1. Established track record for innovation and strong brand name in Diamond Machinery Field
  2. Modular nature of its products enables customers to upgrade their existing products with additional functionality by simply upgrading the software of the machine
  3. Good Quality, Experienced Management Team etc...
  4. *Recurring* Income from Consistent Servicing!
However, i believe now is NOT the time to venture in yet as the stock has risen too fast too quickly. I will inform you again once the Stock Technical analysis is ready :D


  1. in addition, this stock has almost no debt, and willing to pay dividend regularly. love the financial aspects. yes, the only issue is the volume is too low. pls share your further thoughts.


    1. Hi,

      Nice to see someone really looking and commenting on my post. Thanks!

      Oh, Sarin is on a gradual up-trend if you are looking at it for long term. I believe it is really good.. especially when you consider the bonus shares and high dividend yield.