IPO Fever coming soon to Singapore!

In these few days, if you have been reading the newspapers, you would have feel another kind of fever other than the Euro 2012... which is the IPO fever!

With Cordlife leading the way in 2012, there are also several big names appearing in the headlines - *read more from the links*

the very hyped up 

One question many will ask is: What use has all these IPOs for Me?

If you are interested in making more money; it has definitely Everything to do with you!

Let's list down why:

1) During the Boom period after US subprime crisis, IPOs are like pop-corn which keep popping out once every few days.. It has died down during the Euro Debt crisis and now, after the bad news have become "not-so-bad", IPOs are reviving once again. 

In a nutshell, the CEOs of companies will only list their companies when they believe the stock markets are on the climb. If the top people who have so much capital and talents are taking advantage of this, i don't believe why you shouldn't...

Thus, this simply signifies the start of a major stock rally and you won't want to knock yourself on the head for missing this recovery period.

2) IPO companies which are the hot favourite among investors have shown considerable returns (on share prices) after their IPOs. Examples are the Sheng Siong and Dyna Mac. So how do you pick the *hot* IPOs? 

Here is a secret: Just keep a lookout for IPOs which many people are talking about in forums and chatrooms [http://forum.shareinvestor.com/forum/forum.phphttp://www.sharejunction.com/sharejunction/listLatestTopics.htm].  Feel what the majority are anticipating or what actions they will take.

For now, i will keep a lookout on how Cordlife performs for the first few days of its 'debut'. If it is doing well, i trust on my hunch that the few upcoming IPOs will reap me and my readers handsome profits :D

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