InvestFair 2012 - Find out from the Experts...

Wooo.. i went down to the Investfair with my girlfriend last weekend.. in order to hear from what the Experts have to say about how the economy is faring and how to profit from it :D

Learnt quite a few things and even applied for another Brokerage account with http://limtan.com.sg/! They have a similar web platform as Poems.com.sg and the unique thing about them is that we can obtain linkpoints just by trading online! This on-going promotion is quite worth it i guess..

I also went to the Adam Khoo's talk.. where he share with us a few criteria of picking Winning Stocks and where the market is currently heading now.. (sounds interesting leh...)

Just like to share with you this picture i got from his website (www.adamkhoowealth.com) and you can make a guess on what point of the market cycle we are in now =)

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