07/05/2012 Blood in the *Wall* Streets...

Today in the Straits Times Money Section, several analysts were quoted as saying that the Sell-In-May won't work this year ... But just take a look at the picture below:


That was quite funny seeing how today's market crashed 2% in one day! Here's a few reponses from the forums i checked: http://forum.channelnewsasia.com/showthread.php?87093-Sell-in-May-has-begun-in-earnest-today

And it was not only the STI. Based on this link, you can see that its Global Worldwide Panic on the bad economic news of the entire world. But come on, the news have always appeared non-stop in newspaper & publications.. so why the Big WooHa for today only? It is, based on my opinion, more to do with Fear.

And to quote someone in the forum: "The Sell in May tradition is already embedded into everybody's minds. Everyone will try to outrun the other by jumping off the ship first." 

Nevertheless, i see this as a minor correction to the expectional bull run during the past few months. I have seen quite a few stocks that are really good for the taking and will share with you guys once the time is ripe.

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