Why Stocks Jump so High today!?

If you take a look at 14/08/2012 Top 20 Volume, you can see MAJOR Stock movement for Noble group, Sakari, China Minzhong... (and many more like STXOSV, Yang Zi Jiang etc..)

These are the stocks i have talked about or looked at past few months... So why have they jumped so high or rose so much in price today?

  1. Because i have mentioned about the stocks (Just joking!)....
  2. Global markets are recovering (going from "Wah whole Europe is going to collapse -> Global Recession! to "Oh... now U.S. recovering, Europe not so bad liao")
  3. This is a bit tricky here... As always, ask around people or look at stock forums.. when many people are holding cash (lots of cash in their portfolio) and once stock markets are on the uptrend, what will they do? Pump them in the stock markets!!
  4. The stocks are Undervalued, having being beaten down badly to the post-2009 financial crisis levels because of the uncertainty in markets...(e.g. Noble below)
  5. Bright Prospects & Positive triggers from news annoucements (Look at Noble -  http://info.sgx.com/webcoranncatth.nsf/VwAttachments/Att_6C09FA1D98A594DD48257A59002F5118/$file/1H2012-MediaRelease.pdf?openelement)

My 2 cents

I have talked about why i believe STI will rise just a few months back... and now... STI points to a whole year high of 3,087.84!

I am now an advocate of Active Portfolio Management *Opportunity Investing* (where i spot Undervalued Gems ready to burst and hold them on for a few months or even a year+)

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Meanwhile, i will do a re-shuffle of my aims for the blog... Separating them into Passive Investing & Active Investing soon. Stay tuned for the updates!

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