Profit-Taking after QE3 Rally, 18 Sept 2012

If you are planning to get into the stock markets thinking that there is money to be made, you are 50% right and 50% wrong.

"WHat do you think by That!!?" you exclaimed...

Easy Peasy... When i say you are 50% right... I mean the markets will end much higher than now at Dec 2012 and patient value investors will be rewarded!

When i say you are 50% wrong... You will see red or have your stocks get stuck in the next couple of days because of the 2 charts below:

After the QE3 Effect, majority indexes are showing a turn-around as news focus on the "Bad side" again..

And taking the top 20 volume stocks as a yardstick, many stocks have fallen off their intra-day highs; signifying profit-taking and sellers > buyers.

Thus, if you are a short-term trader, i suggest you lock in your gains now :D

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