Results of REIT Valuation Factors

Wow! It's pretty impressive that just within 2 days, this simple question has gathered quite a number of votes.

One enthusiastic reader has also written some other crucial factors which i would like to share with everyone too...

"Kian Jin Ow Yong · Answered Distribution Yield and 4 others
Other important factors :
(a) Strong sponsor
(b) Country, type (retail, office, residential, etc) and remaining lease of the property
(c) Lease renewal - evenly distributed?
(d) Currency risk
Most importantly(e) Credibility of the management (how do they raise funds? placement / rights / bonds? do they place the shareholders' interest at heart? do they raise bonds with high interest rate and only to insitutional investors? do they buy properties at high pice?)"

It's quite encouraged to see that people are investing their money in REITs, letting small money grow into big money $_$. It's much, much better than putting your hard earned money inside the bank only to erode it due to inflation.

Anyway, Saizen REIT has been on my radar nowadays for its Heavy discount over NAV & High Dividend Yield. I shall cover it next time... if you are interested you can either follow my blog through RSS or Facebook :)


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