Reasons for DUKANG DISTILLERS Explosive Breakout 18/4/2013

At 5pm+ during work; I tuned in to the SGX website to take a glance at the stocks and one stock caught my attention right away!

Why did DUKANG DISTILLERS rise up 16%+ suddenly out of the blue?!?

I did a research immediately when i reached home... and found out the details below:

Obviously there is someone out trying to manipulate the Stock [Dukang Distillers]... I observed two important things...
  1. Numerous 1,000 shares (1 lot) being purchased throughout the early periods [no one in the right mind will keep buying 1 lot at such close periods of time as the commission just doesn't make sense]
  2. Huge volume of "ASK"/Intent to Purchase of more than $100,000 at stakes indicates interest by rich investors or financial institutions.

What does that mean? It means the "big fishes" are keeping the prices afloat @ half a bid ($0.005 more) and it will generate positive signals to big traders/retail investors out there to join in the party!


Dukang has fallen tremendously over the past years to a low of $0.20+ last year but has picked up and reached $0.35+ recently. A positive pattern [ascending triangle] is established and surpassed through to the upside. 

A short-term target price would be $0.46. However, I believe there might be a pull-back after a 16% rise in one day. An entry after some pull back can prove to be $_$.


  1. what platform did you use to get the timings and volumes of the trades for dukang?

    1. Hi there,

      I am using the CIMB trade platform... I think any stock trading platform can be used. I used POEMs one before as well :)


  2. hi james, what are your views on dukang distillers at the moment? it just fell about 9%.