Why Investing is like Playing Dota

P.S. If you don't know what Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is...well, you're probably not reading this post.

Many people (esp girls) i think, will exclaim at this title.. What!?! How can such an important thing like investing be linked to  playing a game!

That said, i would like to state first that i am both an investor and avid dota gamer. And i thought of the similarities while waiting for the game to start... Lol.. Here goes:

#1 Begin with the End in mind

Dota: you have to take down the enemy towers..

Investing: this is really dependant on each individual (some may aim to be billionaire?) but generally it is to retire rich and have a comfortable retirement.

#2 Steps to achieve it

Dota: you farm creeps/minions (for gals who don't understand - they are little creatures that drop money) and slaughter enemy heroes to build up ur inventory; so that you are stronger than ur opponents to achieve your goal (mentioned previously).

Investing: you have to slowly build up your wealth through the power of compounding and your preferred  investment strategy. Killing heroes is like getting a bonus from multi-bagger stocks...

#3 Teamwork

Dota: No matter how great you are as a solo hero; it doesn't mean you can win against a team of five alone. Tournaments has shown that teamwork is crucial - carry, tanker and supporter.

Investing: same goes for investing.. When you dip into the investment world for the first time, many will feel overwhelmed.. (I have many friends asking me how to start, how to value or see whether stocks are good buys or not)
The key point is here: history has proven that every successful person has a mentor and why should you be different?
Find a mentor, financial adviser, stock-broker and books/seminars (yes, they are impt!) to be your team to HELP you... (Many are just there to earn ur $$ so be careful)


All in all, it also depends on your mindset. More often than not, people give up on Dota games when they see no hope to win right at the start.

If you bring this mentality to stocks investment, you are "doomed" (by doombringer lol!). Okay cold joke aside, investing in stocks as well as dota, are easily done; but not easy to be mastered.

There you go - the reasons why investing is like dota. There is one real big difference though, u can earn kaching $_$ by investing wisely but not dota! So, kickstart on your investment journey today!!

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