SakariResources - BUY @ $1.455, 03/07/2012

~StraitsAsia is now known as SakariResources~

Woooo... Sakari Resources jumped today for a 5.8% gain in one day! I have bought the shares at $1.355 and are now gaining an unrealized profit of $450. Evidence as shown below with CIMB stock brokerage account:

But I am not writing this blog post to just show off my trades, I just want my readers to know that I am talking about real stuff and I do walk the talk...

Anyway, here is a Sakari Stock Analysis Chart from Chartnexus:

Technical Analysis:

The breakout from Ascending Triangle + Bollinger Band coupled with High Volume = Potential Upside!

Taking into consideration the global market condition: 

  • Market Analysis: Euro starting to resolve their problems / People used to the negative news until there is not much impact o.O
  • Fundamental Analysis (see 2 charts below): Strong Balance Sheet & Financial Position, Coal prices rising and an attractive dividend yield of 6% at current prices!
    After suffering from a dip in profits in year 2010, year 2011 seems back on track. Looking back at the 5 year trend, Sakari has been generating an ROE of 20+% and Net Profit Margin of >10%!

Hope this short summary of Sakari Independent Analysis helps you! This is really a Value Stock Pick I would say!

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  1. By looking at the chart of Sakari Resources it appears like the stock may have bottomed. But theirs really no way to really be sure. The stock chart shows the shares going down sharply and than rebounding sharply it could be a turn around or just a dead cat bounce. From my own experience with stocks its very hard to pick bottoms on stocks.