January Effect Stock Market

The first working day of the New Year 2013 and the stock markets are all roaring ahead!

Some may say its brought by the Fiscal cliff relief, and that the world economies are all in better shape than ever...

I am no economist but i have predicted correctly that markets are moving up during year 2012 in my previous blog posts

Right now, I believe part of the acceleration may also be due to the January Effect too...

Check it out at these 2 websites:

This phenomenon results from 2 factors where 
  • Fund managers like to sell off the stocks to offset or to show a good record for the year during Dec while they go on long leave. The huge capital are then plowed into the markets during January. 
  • Common folks getting bonus tends to re-invest the proceeds to stock markets - pushing up prices.
If you are talking about the big picture (see below), i will consider it as "Relief" - around the middle of the big stock market cycle.

Thus, value investors should take this time and pick out the remaining undervalued companies and ride the wave all the way up now! 

Either way, Investors are in for a treat $$$ here. :D

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