Investment/finance App (why moolah) review

Tried out one financial planning app yesterday which depicts your life from 24 (as you start working) to when you are around 33.

Unbiased review here since i am not paid or whatsoever..

The app is quite fun and enriching for those who are not so familiar with personal finance. Whole process only last 1hr+ but can give you knowledge for your entire lifetime!

Playing the game brings light to certain important financial decisions you would have neglected/missed out in your busy course of work.

For one instance, the wedding preparations do add up! My "dream" wedding costs ard $50+k and still may be insufficient for my partner (she want a europe tour :O)

On the other hand, the app may be too optimstic. It does not take into account many little things as well. For instance, a pub outing and giving of a "red bomb" only occurs twice per year? I think at my age where everyone is getting married, my ang paos amt and qty will soar..

Furthermore, it teaches about investing and how liabilities like a car can eat into your savings so quickly!

All said, Overall it can be quite enriching for ppl who are new to financial planning and interested to find out more. Playing and increasing your financial knowledge makes it a win-win situation!

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