Why Money comes Later in Life...

If you have taken a chance to look at what my Fool.sg colleague, Ser Jing has mentioned in his post, You would kinda change your mindset on looking at how huge fortunes can be manifested with one word - Dream.

In the post, he talked about how many companies concentrate with a big dream be it like facebook (creating a social network for the world) or Apple (building great products with creative designs) and money will automatically flow into their pockets.

On another article by the Straits Times correspondent, Jonathan Kwok, he then mentioned about how some people should avoid following their passion if it does not equate to you making it big (something along the line). He concluded by saying that you should try to balance your personal interests and earning ability and you will be satisfied if you are good at something.

IMO, I will follow the mantra by the leaders of past eras to create the future ahead for me.

Like what Steve Jobs say, "would you want to regret living your life doing what people expect of you or doing what you love?"

Which one do you find meaning in? I have heard of many success stories from the newspapers where they started off part-time and eventually generate lots of money while doing something they love as well.

Body Shop is one famous example too where the founder wanted to make natural body soaps/lotions without chemicals that harm the earth. In the process of selling to millions of people, she became very wealthy as a result, a by-product from pursuing her passion. 

Hope this post will set you thinking for your good Friday tomorrow! I hope one day I will pursue my dreams & passion of educating the masses on how to get rich too! Cheers!


  1. The problem with most Singaporeans is that most of us don't know our passions and dreams in life. I have found my passion in life, and that is to blog and add value to the society. Join me at SG Wealth Builder!


  2. Just want to introduce you to this thing called cognitive biases.
    Many of the examples above are classic examples survivorship bias.
    In simpler terms, have you looked at the rate of people who FAIL ?

    Not to be a wet bucket, just a reminder to practice clean mental rationality.
    No doubt you can continue to do what you love and passionate about, just don't expect a strong correlation to financial success. And of course, there are many forms of successes, not just financial. This is a finance oriented blog and the slant towards financial success is much stronger :)

    1. True that, hahah.. maybe i am irrational already.. :O

      Yeah, but I do believe in one phrase - "Never give up on a Dream just because of the time it will make to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway" :)

  3. Another way is to turn your current job into your passion. How? Understand what is the value of the job and how it contributes to society. See how you can put your initiative into it to do a better job to give more of that value to others.
    If you read success stories of real good managers/CEOs, you will find this a common thread.

  4. Money is one thing but the other thing is really enjoying the moment (while pursing your dream), life is short and we never know what would happen next... ;-)