What I Learnt from my World Cup 2014 Bets

Just a couple of weeks back, I was sharing on how to bet on world cup through Singapore pools at the convenience of your house. Maybe it was too convenient for me~

Unfortunately, I got wiped out even before the Semi-finals and Finals (just like the England and Spain!).

Nevertheless, while i was mildly affected, I would also like to share a few Random Thoughts and Lessons I believe would be beneficial to you or amusing perhaps (where you laugh at my losses :/)

#1 There is no such thing as a change in fate/fortune even after things have gone awry for some time. 

It is like what you often hear in casinos: "It will surely be Black (or Red) this time round!" even after the same color has appeared for more than 5 times. The same goes for both soccer betting and forex/stock investing etc.
In relation to stocks, I have this saying to share: What goes up can continue to go up and what goes down may stay there permanently too.

#2 Betting on the exact score is like speculating on a Penny Stock

Checking out the odds for every match can be exciting (and it has proven to be too much excitement). "What is the quickest way to earn big bucks!" -> through high risks of buying an exact score!
And failure is what I achieved. Pain is what people who "invested" in penny stocks like Blumont and Asiasons experienced when they fell almost 80% in 3 days.

Most often than not, even if you got the luck to strike it big once (e.g. earn big money on one penny stock), it will not work its charm all the time. What can go up can come down and the only thing that can differentiate this is by looking at its underlying fundamentals.

#3 Looking at the "Professional Opinions/Reviews" is like listening to the Stock Advisors

Look at Spain and England. Look back at what the "Experts" have said about them, some even say Spain can be in the top few teams. One key thing to take away from this is that sometimes they may be right too, but you have to do your own research as well.
The person promoting a pan will always say that the pan is fantastic and awesome! You are the only person who knows what is best for you~
Same for Investing - No one will take care of your $$ for you if you don't master the basics in stocks investing yourself!


I didn't know once that I can come out with a few theories that link back to investing through just a few simple bets. Even though soccer betting is tempting and the fact that it happens once in 4 years make many people want to place down huge bets to enjoy the Feeling (be part of it); it is advisable to advocate a limit on the bet amount.

Nevertheless, I hope that you have learnt something from my post and can "Like" my facebook page at www.facebook.com/kissinvesting. Lastly, Go forth and Enjoy the next few big matches coming up this week!!!